A recognized thought leader in civic engagement & racial equity, Lauren Hood likes to go deeper.

Her consultancy, Deep Dive Detroit, conducts workshops & designs curricula on community engagement, equitable development & social justice for civic, philanthropic & institutional clients. Interested in starting a dialogue in your community? Drop her a line.

Dinner & Dialogues

September 14, 2016

Deep Dive Detroit Dinner

for Legacy Cities Conference

with guest chef Esteban Castro

Urban Consulate

July 10, 2016

Deep Dive Detroit Dinner

for Congress for the New Urbanism

with guest chef Ederique Goudia

Urban Consulate

October 4, 2014

Deep Dive Detroit Dinner

for Meeting of the Minds

with guest chef Tunde Wey


February 28, 2014

Deep Dive Detroit Potluck

with Alter Gather

Topic: Privilege

The Jam Handy

Community Conversations


"Lauren brings an authentic perspective to neighborhood revitalization."

From the sketchbook of Don Kilpatrick:

"A quick, on-location #drawing of Lauren Hood at the Urban Consulate the other night. Lauren led a great discussion on preserving the cultural legacy of Detroit's Black neighborhoods. Some great quotes I heard from group that evening: 'I am trying to not be invisible' and 'Trying to make a way out of no way' and 'It's almost like I came home to myself.' If you haven't made it to one of these nourishing discussions, I recommend you do soon! I'm glad I did."  -Don Kilpatrick

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